Love of color fills my days with beauty.

In the beginning there was yarn and it was soft and beautiful. Then there were colors I wanted to knit with but couldn't find. One day a friend suggested that I create the shades myself and she believed in me. So I tried. Before long I had too many colors that were bursting with variety and I followed the suggestions of adding them to the shop.

Most days I spend in the kitchen, coming up with new colorways for my yarns or making lotion bars & salves. I love to knit, weave, and spin fiber into yarn. When the sun is out, I try to spend a lot of time outside to soak it all up. I have dreams of owning my own farm and becoming one of those kooky old ladies who can do cartwheels when she's 90, surrounded by her cats, alpacas, sheep, & bees.

I chose the name "Cauldron's Path Yarns" as a way to celebrate and share the decision to take my shop out on the road as soon as I'm able. To me, that seemed like the perfect name for my site as well as my creations.

I love the beautiful way that yarn takes up all the colors I am inspired to use. From the bold, fiery colors to the subtle, watery colors, I love them all.

For my natural healing products (in my other shop), I use ingredients from certified organic suppliers and essential oils (not fragrance oils).

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